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Scientific research

Video-feedback Intervention to promote Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline (VIPP-SD) has been developed by the Centre for Child and Family Studies at Leiden University, by Femmie Juffer, Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg and Rien van IJzendoorn, who are professors in Education and Child Studies. The current VIPP-SD intervention was finalized in 2008 and training courses for professionals have been provided ever since. The method has been registered in the Effective Youth Interventions Database of the Dutch Youth Institute (Dutch: Nederlands Jeugd Instituut) and strong evidence has led to the recognition of the intervention as “demonstrably effective”. This is the highest effectiveness qualification an intervention can receive. The method has been examined extensively among different groups of caregivers and children in both the Netherlands and abroad. The effectiveness of the VIPP-SD on enhancing parental sensitive behavior has been demonstrated through 12 Randomized Controlled Trials in different countries and among different target groups.